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5 Tips for Dog & Cat Owners Living at Our Pet Friendly Apartments in Niskayuna NY

At Rivers Ledge, we get it—Fido and Socks are family! That’s why we are pleased to offer pet-friendly apartments in Niskayuna NY that are both spacious and filled with modern amenities. You can check our pet policy for specifics, but in the meantime, we want to offer five tips for keeping you, your pet, and your neighbors happy in your new home.

a dog sleeping in its bed

1. Make Training a Priority

Our pets can be like kids to us in a variety of ways, including that they have to be taught the right way to behave, and sometimes they need gentle correction.

Positive association can really help an animal understand what they need to do, especially in a new environment. For example, if your dog barks when they hear someone walking around, have a friend come over and walk around, either in the hall or outside your apartment. When your dog begins to bark, tell them ‘No’ in a calm but firm voice. If your friend walks by again and the dog doesn’t bark, reward them with a treat.

It’s also very important to make sure your animal is socialized at a young age, that way they won’t be aggressive or scared when they meet other animals or hear your neighbors.

2. Create a Schedule And Stick to It

Routine is good for everyone! If you have a dog, be sure to take them for bathroom breaks and walks at the same time every day. This will help your dog adapt to the new environment, keep them confident and comfortable, and save you from messes in the house. Keeping a schedule for feeding your animals is also beneficial and healthy for them.

Much like people, animals feel less anxious if they know what’s coming next!

3. Keep Them Stimulated and Entertained

Stimulation and entertainment are key for all pets, but it’s even more critical to make them a priority when you live in an apartment. If animals don’t have healthy ways to release energy, they can turn to more destructive habits, including scratching and biting at walls or furniture—and no one wants that.

Want to keep your dog entertained? Give them exciting toys to play with while you’re gone! Take them on walks whenever possible, and spend time in the evenings training them. This way, they will be mentally and physically tuckered out at the end of the day.

If you have a cat, consider placing a perch near a window so they can see the birds and activity outside, provide them with toy mice and scratching posts, and give them plenty of attention when you return home. Cats certainly love to sleep, but they also need healthy outlets for their energy.

4. Take the Time to Pet-Proof

When you move into a smaller space, it’s essential to realize that you and your animal will be living in tight quarters; that means it’s even more important to pet-proof your apartment. Some of the ways you can do so include keeping toxic plants and chemicals out of the reach of your furry friend, ensuring all screens and gates are secure, and hiding or encasing electrical cords in cord boxes to protect them from chewing.

5. Tidy Up on a Daily Basis

Having an animal is amazing, but let’s face it: it takes work. Things tend to get a little messier when they’re around, and that’s totally normal! However, when living in an apartment, it’s crucial to stay on top of things so as not to get overwhelmed. Take the time each day to empty the cat litter, sweep, and vacuum your space. That way, the apartment will remain clean and comfortable for you, your four-legged friends, your neighbors, and future tenants!

If you’re looking for more pet-related resources near Rivers Ledge, like dog parks, veterinarians, and daycare providers, check out this article. To schedule a tour of our pet-friendly apartments—located less than half an hour from Schenectady, Albany, and Troy—contact us today!