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How to Turn Your Luxury Upstate NY Apartment Bathroom into a Spa

The spacious bathroom spaces at Rivers Ledge Apartments provide the perfect blank canvas to add your style. With quartz countertops, modern tile, zero-entry showers with glass doors, and double sinks in our two-bedroom floor plan apartments, there are plenty of simple ways you can transform the bath area to make it feel like your favorite spa.

Bring in Some Natural Décor

rivers ledge apartment bathroom with closet on the right

By incorporating a few plants in your bathroom it’s easy to achieve that spa feel. Put decorative potted plants on the floor or countertops, or even hang them from the ceiling. Just make sure you choose plants that will thrive in the humidity caused by the shower and can handle limited sunlight. If you don’t have green thumb, faux plants work well (remember to dust them). Fresh flowers in a vase are also a nice touch.

Artwork and Accessories Make a Difference

Artwork that features natural subjects, such as framed seashells or beach scenes, is a great way to get an outdoor feel inside your home. Nature-inspired pieces are often featured in spas and are easy to find.

You can also find spa-like accessories that save room and add style to your bathroom décor. For example, wooden ladders are a great alternative to a standard towel rack. They bring in organic textures and will nicely display your plush bath towels.

Plush Bath Towels & Shower Rugs

a rivers ledge apartment bathroom

Make your home spa experience even better with fluffy, soft towels. Choose towels made from absorbent materials such as cotton or bamboo that maintain their softness even after many cycles through the washing machine. For a true spa atmosphere, display extra towels in rolled arrangements or crisply folded stacks.

Remember to add some character and utility with a plush shower rug. It will add to the soft space you’ve created with new towels and save you from stepping onto a chilly tile floor. Make sure the rug is made from a quick-drying material to cut down on any potential bacteria or mold.

Cut Down on the Clutter

Have you ever noticed the clean, minimalist design at the spa? That’s because you can’t really relax in a cluttered space. If your bathroom countertop is messy and the drawers and cabinets are overflowing, it’s time to declutter.

Throw out any expired products and ones you never use. Then, stow away things that aren’t part of your daily routine neatly in cabinets, drawers, or baskets. Reserve counter space for everyday essentials and store everything else.

Use Calm Colors and Scents

close up of a diffuser and jar of cotton balls on a bathroom counter

When creating a spa-like feel at home, a recurring theme is “soft.” That’s why muted colors work best for serene bathroom spaces. You want to avoid any color schemes that are high contrast and instead opt for natural neutrals such as seafoam green or sky blues, which are much more peaceful.

Aromatherapy, particularly certain scents, can transport you right to the spa. Calming scents, including lavender or rosemary and essential oil diffusers, scented candles, soaps, and lotions, are simple ways to set a peaceful mood. It’s also lovely to use dispensers instead of plastic containers to keep the look of the bathroom clean.

At River’s Ledge, our apartments are a perfect place for you to decorate, personalize, and call home. Take a minute to look at our available units to see how our well-designed living spaces will work for you! Contact us today to schedule a tour!